Perforated Metal Mesh

Material: Low carbon steel plate, mild steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, monel sheet, copper sheet, brass sheet, aluminum sheet, nickel plate and kinds of nonmetal plates.

Thickness: 0.1-3mm.

Hole pattern: round, square, hexagonal, scale, rectangular, triangle, cross, slottedlength, scale hole, hexagonal hole, plum blossom and other patterns according to your drawings or application requirement.

Hole diameter:0.8-10mm.
Standard plate size: 1m×2m,3×8,4×8, 3×10,4×10.
Processing: mold, piercing, cutting, cutting edge, leveling, clean, surface treatment.

Application: used for oil filters as fencing screen for expressway,railway and other construction facilities used in workshops as well as other constructions as sound isolation sheet decorative sheet for stairs, environmental tables and chairs sifting in grains, feed and mines also used in making of kitchenware such as fruit basket, food cover.